Weekly Pool Service for Temecula, Murrieta & Surrounding Areas

Everything you need included for one low price!
(NO extra fees or surprises!)

I’ll set-up and perform a customized weekly service to help you enjoy your pool and spa worry-free!

Weekly Full Service includes
ALL of the following:

  • Conditioners
  • Filter Cleanings
  • Algaecides and Shock Treatments
  • Phosphate Treatments
  • Stain and Scale Remover
  • Minor Repairs

Certain Restrictions and Conditions Apply.

Pool Acid Wash

Plaster looking worse for wear?  Is it showing signs of a chemical imbalance?
Then a carefully performed acid wash may be the key.
You have a safe and affordable solution for  all your plaster needs.

Pool Repairs and Upgrades

Does it really make sense to have your pool serviced by someone who doesn’t know how it works or how to fix it?
Well, I don’t think so!  That is why I am an expert in the repair and installation of pool and spa equipment.

Service, install, and repair pumps, heaters, vacuums, covers and all other pool and spa equipment!

That means that I’ll monitor your equipment each and every week.
I’ll complete all minor repairs at no extra cost and notify you immediately of anything else I see

When it comes time to upgrade, I’ll gladly help you decide what works best to meet your needs and help you stay within your budget. You can be assured I’ll install it correctly and keep it running smoothly.

I can install, service, and repair:

  • Pumps ( Variable Speed / Energy Efficient Pumps )
  • Filters
  • Salt Water Equipment
  • Heaters
  • Tile Repair
  • Pool / Spa Lights
  • Timers
  • Salt Systems
  • Mastic ( Dec – O – Seal )
  • Safety Fences
  • Safety Covers
  • Water Slides
  • Acid Washes
  • Chlorine Washes
  • Filter Cleanings
  • Plumbing
  • Automatic Pool Cleaners

Pool Sanitizing

Keep your pool clean and your family safe using using newly discovered alternatives for sanitizing your pool water.

Let us show you what they are and how they work.

Pool Inspections

Looking to buy a resale or foreclosure?

An expert pool inspection can save you from painful and costly surprises.

With most of a pool being underground, you’ll benefit from having a clear and concise report from a pool and spa expert.

Eco-Friendly Pool Specialist

Wondering how you can “go green” and still enjoy a beautiful pool?

Chemicals don’t always have to be the answer!

Let me show you pool care alternatives that reduce your carbon footprint and are better for your family and the environment!

Ultraviolet and ozone pool cleaners, along with salt water systems are just some of the ways you can reduce or even eliminate relying on harsh chemicals!

Call 951-234-2866 today for immediate service!